General Conference 2020 delegates want to hear from you

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The South Carolina Conference Delegation to the 2020 General Conference wants to hear from you in advance of the United Methodist Church’s next international meeting in May.

The delegation has scheduled four tri-district “Listening Sessions” around the conference in January and February, and a fifth that will be live online.

Every four years, United Methodists from around the world assemble and connect in worship, prayer, communion, fellowship and the legislative work that shapes our shared life. The UMC’s 2020 General Conference is scheduled for May 5-15 in Minneapolis.

“Our delegation is eager to hear about the hopes and concerns of United Methodists across the South Carolina Conference as we prepare for this important gathering in May,” said Jackie Jenkins, a lay delegate and head of the delegation. “We encourage everyone to participate in these Listening Sessions and to do so in a way that is respectful, receptive and – most importantly – prayerful.

“If we put our trust in God, the Holy Spirit will lead us in these conversations and guide us for his purpose.”

Each Listening Session will begin at 3 p.m.:

Our time together at each of the four tri-district sessions will center on small-group discussions, with input from each table shared with the gathering as a whole. Delegation members will be present and available at each table to listen and facilitate the discussion.

The discussions will center on these three questions:

What are your hopes for the UMC?

What are your main concerns?

What do you want delegates attending the 2020 General Conference to know?

These sessions are designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to:

  • Learn and ask questions about the purpose and function of the General Conference in a safe, respectful environment.
  • Share with the South Carolina delegates your hopes and concerns about the United Methodist Church ahead of the 2020 General Conference.

These sessions are not designed to:

  • Engage in a debate about the issue of human sexuality.
  • Tell you or your congregation what to believe or do.
  • Encourage delegates to vote one way or another on any particular issue.
  • Compel delegates to share their views on any particular issue.

To help prepare for these conversations, we encourage you to make use of the Listening Session Resources at